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Get the Most Out of Your Garage This Fall

Posted by Audrey Lichten

Sep 8, 2015



If your garage has become a home to so many different things that you’ve forgotten what’s in there, then maybe a good garage upgrade is in order. Whether you want to re-organize or completely renovate the space, consider these tips to get the most out of your garage this fall.

First, determine what you want your garage to be. Do you want your car to live inside? Do you need a place to store bikes, tools, and boxes? Or can you utilize that space for something more?


organized-toolsMaybe your garage is so filled with junk that your car has been booted out. But winter is just around the corner and no one likes running out to their car in the cold rain. So treat yourself and your car by clearing out the garage to make room for both your things and your car. Start by clearing out the things you don’t need. Once you’re left with the valuable and useable items, invest in storage devices like shelves, drawers, cabinets, and hooks to give your belongings a place to truly belong. Check out your local home improvement store to find what you need. The more you can get off the floor, the better. Don’t stop until your car fits and you can walk around the garage with ease.

Make it More

If your garage seems like of waste of space right now, upgrade it to be that room you’ve always wanted but never had room for in your house.

  • Outdoor entertaining - Maybe you can’t have a great backyard patio or deck but would love a place for outdoor entertaining during the summer. Turn your garage into a comfortable outdoor living or dining room where you can open the door to enjoy the warm breeze and sunshine. Host barbecues, dinner parties, or casual get togethers in a space that is both sheltered and great for summertime entertaining.

  • art-suppliesHobby haven - Have you always wanted your own space to do what you love? Turn the garage into a space for you or your whole family to enjoy your hobbies. If there’s space for everybody, outfit the garage with desks, countertops and storage spaces and designate an area for each person to occupy with what they want - like scrapbooking, painting or gardening. If it’s gardening, create a special nook in the garage for a potting bench and spots to store your tools. If you need a shop or workbench for frequent projects, install what you need and keep your tools in designated places that are out of reach for children. Building an extra wall or installing a room divider may be in order to contain dust and keep children out for safety. If music is your passion the garage may not be ideal for sharing, but turn it into a music studio by soundproofing the walls, ceiling and doors and installing the equipment you need (be sure to check your electrical capacity beforehand).

  • Home business - If you work from home, you’ve surely tried working from the kitchen table or study, but there’s never enough room. Convert your garage into a home office. This way all your work is contained in one area without spilling over into your family space. You can even install an exterior door so that customers don’t have to walk through your home to get to you.

  • Personal gym - Save on a gym membership by creating your own personal gym in your garage. Invest in the equipment you use and never worry about waiting for a machine again! Install a wall-mount TV or sound system to listen to whatever gets you motivated the most.

  • Home bar - Move in a fridge and bar with some stools and stock the place with your favorite drinks. Now you have a great space for just adults to enjoy. Roll up the door on warm summer nights to enjoy your drinks with a view of the neighborhood or the night sky.

No matter what you decide to do with your garage, take some time while the weather still permits to give your garage a much needed upgrade. In the process, consider an exterior siding replacement too for some extra curb appeal. Contact Peninsula Siding Company for an estimate!

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