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Five Ideas for a Quick Home Facelift

Posted by Rachel Karl

Sep 16, 2014


I don’t know one homeowner who doesn’t want their guests to gasp in delight when they first catch a glimpse of their home. There’s nothing wrong with that desire. We spend plenty of money on our home and we want it to look fantastic - inside and out. Here are five great ideas for a quick home facelift to make your home look like new:


1. Paint your front door or get a whole new one. Have you ever walked, biked, or driven by a home and had the front door catch your eye? Usually this is because the color pops or it is absolutely gorgeous. Try kicking your own door up a notch. Paint it a risky color like teal, red, lilac, or yellow. If you want to change your door all together, get a new one.


2. Install siding to your home. You can really change your home’s look by adding siding or re-siding your home. There are a ton of options to choose from! Check out our favorite siding types here and here. You don’t have to stick with just one color of siding - matching two or more colors can give your home a whole new feel.describe the image


3. Get a new paint job. Painting your entire home a new color can make it look fresh, clean, and new. For a mix and match approach you could install siding to the base of your home while re-painting the rest. The siding can accent and bring together your home’s new look.


4. Get your yard landscaped. The front yard is the first thing guests (and you) see when approaching your home. Make that space bright and welcoming by ensuring it stays weeded, dead plants and leaves are removed, your plants work well in our Bay Area weather, and your front path is brightly lighted when nighttime comes.Sept 2014 Blog 2 - 2nd Pic.jpg


5. Consider a remodel. If your home simply isn’t working for you anymore in both looks and functionality, it may be time to remodel. You can add a lot of space and change the exterior look of your whole home by doing just a few simple remodeling actions. Check out our article on prepping for a remodel so you can see what you should consider when going ahead with this idea.


Not only are these great ways to make you, your guests, and your neighbors love the look of your home - they are also fantastic tips for increasing its curb appeal. This is valuable if you are trying to sell your San Mateo home.


Why is curb appeal important to you? Do you just like the idea of a new look, are you trying to sell, or…? Let us know in the comments below!



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