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Which Fall Colors Should You Avoid for Your Home’s Siding?

Posted by Audrey Lichten

Oct 13, 2015


It’s that time of year again, where kids are trick-or-treating and the leaves are turning all shades of orange and red. Maybe you’ve been noticing how much you love all the warm colors in nature lately. Consider enjoying only the best fall colors all year long with new James Hardie exterior siding from Peninsula Siding Company.



Use Dark Red

Be bold with red exterior siding. When we say red though, we’re NOT talking about fire engine red. Instead, consider gray-toned reds or a brick-red for your house. Consider the James Hardie color, Countrylane Red. This color is best suited for traditional homes in rural towns and in older cities. Before deciding, make sure this color matches the style of your home and the atmosphere of your neighborhood.


Avoid Orange

It’s probably best to avoid orange for your siding. This color is a little too exciting and harsh for a home’s exterior. It evokes more unsettled feelings than ones of comfort, which is not what you want for your home. Although this may be a gorgeous and dominant color in nature this fall, it’s probably best that it stays on the leaves and not your house. Your neighbors will surely appreciate this as well.


Utilize Golden or Pale Yellow

Yellow houses are friendly and welcoming. Golden yellows are more representative of fall hues and can work for a home’s exterior if applied to the right style home. However, pale yellows tend to be a safer choice and more applicable for a variety of homes. Yellow evokes happy emotions and creates a welcoming atmosphere.



Brown, Tan and Beige Are Easy to Use

Browns and other natural tones are much more common for house exteriors. They are versatile colors that can be applied to a variety of home styles in any neighborhood. These colors can function as the main siding color or be used for trims or accents on a brighter color house. Since these earthy tones are more subtle, pairing them with darker dominant colors will create a powerful contrast. James Hardie provides great options for neutral color siding.  


We hope you enjoy the rest of this beautiful season. If you decide that an exterior siding remodel is in order, whether you want autumn shades or not, Peninsula Siding Company will help you out. As a James Hardie preferred remodeler, we’ll install James Hardie products like that Countrylane Red or Chestnut Brown for you.

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