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Eight Home Update Resolutions

Posted by Rachel Karl

Jan 6, 2015


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We want to update our homes for many reasons. Some homeowners are looking to sell while others are settling in to live in their homes for years to come. No matter which type of homeowner you are, the following eight home updates will increase curb appeal, add value to your home, and make it more you.

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Resolution: Update your home’s exterior.

How to make it happen:

  1. Use this tool to give your home a virtual makeover.
  2. Once you decide on colors you like, be sure to also request the physical swatches and to examine them in every type of outdoor light.
  3. Get a free estimate on your home’s new look.
  4. Give your home the fresh face it deserves!

According to www.FrontDoor.com, the type of siding we most recommend - fiber-cement - provides a return of 103.6% the investment you put into the siding project. So, you will not only recoup your expenses when you sell your home, you would also make money.

Resolution: Add more natural light to your home.

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How to make it happen: There are a number of ways to give your home more natural light. The easiest is probably installing skylights or sun tunnels. These both provide ambient lighting without the necessity of changing the structure or exterior look of your home with windows.

Resolution: Expand your floor plan.

How to make it happen: Older homes tend to have well-defined rooms separated by walls, hallways, and other barriers. Decide which rooms should be open and get the walls separating them knocked out - if at all possible.

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Additionally, consider adding a kitchen island as well as built-in storage areas. These provide extra space without compromising your open floor plan.

Resolution:Change up your flooring.

How to make it happen: Old vinyl floors or tile floors from the 1970’s may have held up well over the years, but they don’t add a lot of beauty to your home. You can update your entire home’s look by simply changing the flooring for something more modern - or restoring the original look. Additionally, updated floors will add to the light and open feel of your home.

Resolution: Modernize your bathroom.

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How to make it happen: We aren’t necessarily suggesting that you install ultra-modern talking toilets - although you can if you’d like. But what we are saying is updating the hardware (faucets, cabinet hinges, door knobs and the like) or replacing that 70’s carpeting with modern tile will really spruce up your bathroom and add some value to your home.

Resolution: Repaint your home interior.

How to make it happen: Chipped paint or peeling wallpaper will make the interior of your home feel dingy. Fortunately, repainting is an easy fix. Just be sure to work with a balance of colors or go for an all-neutral color.

If you like your walls, but want to give your home a little extra life, try painting interior doors. Often, real estate agents concentrate on updating the front door of your home, but you can use each door inside your home to show your personality and give the space a little extra color.PSC Jan Blog1 6 resized 600

Resolution: Brighten up your landscape.

How to make it happen: One of the wonderful things about living in San Mateo is that we can often create a yard which looks amazing all year long. Before you get started on picking out your favorite plants, take a look at how your landscape is organized. Is there a way to make it compliment your home even better? Do you have a few pops of color or a focal point to draw the eye? There are a lot of things you can do with landscape to make your home exterior look even more gorgeous.

Resolution: Convert the kitchen.

How to make it happen: A kitchen remodel is the type of change that can add value to your home as well as create a more comfortable environment for you and your family. The first step is to open up your kitchen space. This may require a big change like a wall removal.

Next, update the walls, backsplash, cabinets, and appliances to fit your needs and wants. If you need more counter and cupboard space, consider adding a kitchen island. Finally, be sure to give the floor some attention. You don’t want a completely modern kitchen with old flooring.

Changing the exterior and interior look of your home can add value and life for years to come. Contact us today. We can help you with any of your siding needs and our sister company, S.E.A. Construction can help you through the design and build of your home improvement

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