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Easy Tips for a Backyard Facelift

Posted by Kayla Lisac

May 5, 2015


The summer months are here and the itch to go outside is constantly growing stronger. Do you want to be outdoors, but you’re just not very fond of your space? Take the chance before summer is in full swing to finish a few yard projects and enhance your backyard environment.

Add New Mulch

If you already have flower beds and other growing greenery, a little mulch could make a large difference. Add a new layer of mulch to your beds to improve the overall appearance of your yard. Rather than completely re-doing your space, a fresh layer can bring new life to the planted areas of your yard.

Plant New Flowers

If a new layer of mulch can’t save your old flowers, now is the time to plant some new bulbs: new color will bring a new life to your yard. A complete overhaul may not be necessary. Choose small areas of your yard to add a few new plants and improve the overall appearance of your space.

Install New Lights

Adding new energy efficient lighting to your yard can help to “brighten” the atmosphere. Your older bulbs may be faded and adding a dull shine to your space. Update your lighting or choose to change your lighting options to bring new life to your space. Choosing twinkle strand lights instead of a simple bulb can increase character and bring a new feel to your yard.


Yards are a magnet for toys, bikes, and anything else that children can get their hands on. Rather than leaving the chaos scattered in your yard or choosing a corner to throw everything, create a designed space specifically for storage. Choosing new shelving or a storage holder can add a statement piece to your backyard environment.


Give your space a new meaning. Planting a garden, either food or floral, will bring new life (literally) to your space. Bringing a new dimension to your yard will help you appreciate your space in a new light. The project may take time, but you will fully be able to enjoy the hard work in your visual environment.

Go Outside

Maybe you don’t need a yard update. Summer schedules can be hectic, so go outside and enjoy your yard. You might find a new area to enjoy your free afternoons and evenings.

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