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DIY Inspection Checklist of your Home’s Exterior

Posted by Rachel Karl

Feb 10, 2015


Every year it’s important to take a look at your home and make sure it is in top condition. This allows you to locate problem areas before those problems become too serious, and creates a better place for you and your family to live.Siding inspection

Here is a quick DIY home inspection checklist you can use to take a thorough look at your home’s exterior:

__ Check foundation, mortar, siding, and window frames for any cracks or holes. This can seriously affect your home’s energy efficiency.

__ Probe any wooden window frames that appear to be cracked. This may indicate a termite or a rot problem.

__ Check the driveway, sidewalk and paths for any cracks, holes or other tripping hazards.

__ Make sure there are no spots of standing water - especially spots that pool near your foundation.

__ Look for dents along your siding. Also,check to be sure any vines or climbing plants are not growing up the side of your home. The roots of these plants can seriously damage your siding and roof.

__ Examine your siding and soffits for any staining that may indicate a leak.

Siding damage

__ Check your roof for cracked, broken, missing or curled shingles. Also check any flashing for rust or curling.

__ Ensure gutters are clean and attached securely to your home.

__ Examine porches and decks for sagging ceilings, loose boards or rails, and check for stability.

__ See if there are any signs of insects or bird nests in your eaves or soffits.

__ If you have a chimney, make sure it is straight up and down and not leaning.

__ Take a look at the foundation and make sure there are no cracks or bulges. This may be a sign of water damage.

__ Examine any fences or walls you have around your landscaping to make sure they have remained firm and there is no rot.

As you examine your home, this may be a good opportunity to move any brush away from the side of your house and generally clean up the yard. Spring is just around the corner and your yard may be ready to bloom!

Also, if your inspection shows a need for a siding upgrade, be sure to contact us. We are here to help!

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