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A Facelift You Can Forget for 30 Years

Posted by Petalyn Swartalbert

Aug 2, 2013


Curb Appeal You Get and Forget

We're talking about your home, of course... what were you thinking?

First impressions go way beyond how we carry ourselves, our cloths, awesome car, or where our kids went to collage. You learned a long time ago that there's more to life than worrying if you should repaint the exterior of your home this year or get rid of those last (debt) obstacles to your trip to Costa Rica... (everyone's going, have you noticed?)

Halt the most obvious drains on assets  

So, placing yourself firmly in the position to be able to replenish the savings you used helping your kids to get their degrees, just so you can take that trip to somewhere cell phones don't work is smart -not to mention well deserved. 

Getting rid of debt you don't want to leave behind as well as the slow-drip expenses of homeownership, is absolutely a forward thinking strategy which lightens all of life and makes room for new challenges and adventures. You might even turn that expert-level hobby of yours into the business you always dreamed of... doing it your way... a better way!
Even if you don't have huge plans for the next several years, some forward planning to lower your monthly out of pocket expenses for the next several decades as opposed to just the next 5 years is a move you'll appreciate in 5 years -most certainly.

Repaint or African Adventure?

Curb Appeal You Get and Forget

When it comes to maintaining your home's exterior once every 3-5 years on the one hand or taking that expedition to Africa  you always dreamed about (three times) on the other, which one puts a real smile on that face? 

1. If you have stone or fiber cement everywhere, then you're in a better position than most. You can start packing your bags ahead of everyone else.

2. Stone plus fiber cement means the same thing.

3. Stucco is great! It's durable and strong. If you have the pre-colored stucco (color that is mixed into the actual stucco material), you're set because -after all- the Romans invented and used cement for a reason. However, if it's not the pre-colored stucco, it'll begin to look 'old' and dusty in just a few years, and you still have the issue of repainting in order to update, refresh, and reseal. 

It's super important to know your options so that when you decide to re-finish your home's exterior, you can make a better decision regarding what's going to be important to you moving forward -onward and into the your wisest and best years of your life.

An Ounce of Preparation...

Whether you want to repair or reside once and for all, it's important to know how to prepare yourself and your home for its makeover. Just a few pointers can make all the difference in knowing what to expect and what to address ahead of time. Feel free to Download our FREE 10 Point Check List with our compliments.  

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