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Cleaning Cheats for your Home Exterior

Posted by Kayla Lisac

May 5, 2015


Improving your curb appeal may include an exterior remodel, but a complete overhaul is not always necessary. You already hold the key to quick exterior upkeep projects in your pantry or cleaning closet. Common household items can be applied to a home exterior for a quick cleaning cheat.


Paying attention to where and when you are wearing your shoes may help keep your exterior and interior cleaning projects longer lasting. If you have a pair of comfortable shoes that you wear around the house on cleaning days, don’t wear them outside. Household chemicals may have gotten into the shoe materials and could migrate to your patio, concrete, or other exterior flooring materials. The same for outdoor projects: always remove your yardwork shoes before coming indoors to avoid bugs, dirt, and other materials following you inside.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a miracle worker. This tool can be used on almost any household product or material to clean stains, scuff marks, and other unfortunate household mistakes. The eraser is also a great tool for your home exterior. Use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on your older siding, doors, or window frames to remove dirt and mildew.

Extendable Sweeper

Your extendable sweeper is a great tool for your home interior floors, but it can also be a life saver on your exterior windows. Use the sweeper or mop functions to reach the high places on your windows. You will not need to risk using a ladder or hiring a window cleaner. Transition this interior prop to your exterior upkeep.


You may not have extra mulch lying around your home, but it is a quick fix to managing your home exterior. Adding a new layer of mulch to your flower beds will improve the look of your curb appeal. Rather than digging and starting over again, a quick layer can completely transform your flowers.

Waterproof Sealer

If you need a driveway update, spend time with the pressure washer. When your surface has been cleaned, add a quick layer of waterproof sealer. The sealer will improve the longevity of the clean while also updating the overall quality of the surface. Taking the small step now will save time and money on an overhaul in the future.

Kitty Litter

If you are a cat family, your kitty litter can serve another purpose. If you have oily stains on your driveway, apply a thin layer of the litter. The litter will work to soak up the grease and oil and leave a fresh and clean appearance after you remove it.

Home exteriors require maintenance to improve curb appeal. If these quick tips are not enough for your home, don’t hesitate to consider an exterior remodel. New siding will be long lasting and low maintenance while drastically improving the appearance of your home.

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