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Cement Fiber Siding Means Low Maintenance for 30 Years

Posted by Petalyn Swartalbert

Mar 9, 2012


high profile lap sidingWhat is Cement Fiber, ...Exactly?

Cement fiber siding is composed of cement, sand and cellulose fibers. That makes it pretty heavy. And when compared to other siding materials like wood and vinyl, it provides a number of advantages -hence it rising popularity and preference by green minded folks. But it is becoming a top choice for the long-term budget conscious as well. If you tend to buy well today so you don't need to replace tomorrow, then read on. 

Fiber cement siding is mainly produced as overlapping horizontal boards and shingles that imitate wooden siding, and clapboard. It is not only used as an exterior siding but also used as a substitute in large boards and timber fascias.

What's The Big Deal?

Home owners making a decision on what type of siding materials to use consider using cement fiber because of the following qualities:

  • Painting- he/she may consider choosing cement fiber because its paint holding capacity is high.  On purchase he/she may find it either painted or unpainted. If unpainted, the siding should be washed well and be allowed enough time to dry before the painting. If this condition is adhered to, the siding will perform well for a long period of time which can extend to past 30 years. The owner must also note that the painting is done the first 90 days of installation.
  • Installation- when carrying out the installation of cement fiber siding, he/she must consider using thicker and denser fiber cement rather than using thinner and less dense products. This is simply because thicker dense products have a high resistance to impact when compared to thinner and less dense siding products. He/she will also be assured that the product is not susceptible to rot and termites. This guarantees the owner a long period of using the siding for a longer period without requiring to refurnish it with new paints every now or then or regularly incur maintenance costs of replacing them.
  • Resistance to fire- unlike wood and vinyl siding products, cement fiber is highly resistant to combustion. This makes it a better choice for those individual living in areas prone to fire incidences. This guarantees the owner that even in the event of fire, the siding will still retain its qualities and still go for several years before requiring to be re furnished.
  • Handling- cement fiber siding is heavier compared to wood siding but it is rather flexible thus requiring proper handling when in transportation. They are straight and precisely molded compared to wood siding making installation requirements more exacting.

FYI: When interviewing installers, be sure to ask them about their best practices for instillation. If their eyes glaze over then thank them politely and show them the door. Poorly installed siding Hardie siding will hurt your valuable Hardie warranty. So don't compromise on the right installer for the job.


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