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Catch the Buyer’s Eye with These Exterior Ideas to Sell Your House

Feb 28, 2017


Attracting potential buyers isn’t always an easy task. In fact, it can be downright nerve wracking. Everyone is looking for something special that catches their eye but there are some commonalities most new homeowners are looking for on their house search. These changes, no matter if they’re big or small, can increase your curb appeal and help your house sell faster and for more money!

Lots of natural light

No matter the homeowner, everyone looks for ways to increase natural light in their home. That means there should be more windows. A great way to add extra light is by installing exterior transom windows. These windows are smaller ones that rest above your run-of-the-mill windows. Not only will they cut down on the need for artificial lighting, they can also spruce up the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Simple landscaping

Think of selling a blank slate to your open house guests. They want to be able to see themselves living there! This means keep interior and exterior decorations minimal yet homey. It also means your landscaping should be simple and appealing. Potential buyers should imagine themselves adding to the garden instead of taking away lawn ornaments and elaborate rock structures.

Natural elements

Accents of brick and stone will always boost your curb appeal. They are instantly inviting and can make anyone feel at home. That doesn’t mean your entire exterior needs to be brick — in fact it shouldn’t be. Focus instead on natural touches in the accents.

Fiber cement siding

The last thing most homeowners want to think about when they buy a new house is the work it will take to maintain the home. That’s why more and more buyers are looking around for fiber cement siding. It’s low-maintenance, versatile and can match any aesthetic you like.

Increasing your curb appeal with these ideas can lead your asking price to skyrocket while also raising interest from more buyers. If you’re ready for an update before selling, talk with the experts at Peninsula Siding Company about installing fiber cement siding on your house.

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