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Can the 2015 Home Exterior Color Trends Brighten your Mood?

Posted by Rachel Karl

Jan 27, 2015


Various companies around the internet are attempting to predict the hot new colors of 2015 for home interiors and exteriors. While interiors seem to be going bolder with bright white, metallic hues, bright orange, navy and even black, exteriors seem to be lightening. The outside of our homes appear to be enjoying creams, light grey, dusty mint, periwinkle, and some pastels.  

Another exterior aspect that is coming up in 2015 is the use of contrast. We are seeing plenty of accented window treatments, brick or stone siding, and other bright changes to the overall exterior.

Playing with color and contrast is fun, but it can also help us set the mood for those who enter your cozy home. Here are some thoughts on various colors and how they will affect those that you welcome to your home.

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Beige = Warmth

This is traditionally one of the more popular home colors. We all want our houses to feel warm and inviting. We want the space to say “welcome” before we have a chance to step inside. That’s why so many people across the nation pick beige.

Blue = Soothing

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Shades of blue are thought to make people feel calm and soothed. A blue accent or blue exterior may create a soothing, calming atmosphere for those entering your home.

Red = Energy

Sometimes it can be hard to get up the energy to play with your kids or run around doing after-work activities. Updating your home to a stimulating red can help change that. According to a British study, in evenly matched athletes wearing red and blue, the red athletes won more often than the blue ones.

Green = Relaxation

Seeing the color green can evoke the same relaxation one feels when strolling through the park. We associate the color with the natural environment. If you don’t have a lot of green landscaping or your Bay Area home has no real yard space, painting it green may help you feel as calm and relaxed as if you had a yard.

Yellow = Happiness
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Yellow can be a complicated color to use on any home exterior or interior. There are many shades and a bright, neon yellow may feel way too glaring while an extremely pale yellow could make your home look a bit sickly. However, picking the right, buttery color can add an extra spring in your step and make your heart lift every time you see your home.

Pink = Love and Acceptance

This is another tough one to pull off. You have to pick just the right shade of pink to create a really warm and lovely home. That said, we have seen enough warm, welcoming pink homes to know that the color can set just the right tone.

Purple = Confidence

We don’t often see a purple house - and when we do it certainly stands out. Using purple as an accent may work better for you if you feel like the whole house going purple will be too much.

2015 home trends are only as useful as they are aesthetically pleasing to your eye. If you want to make a change this new year, contact us and let us help you find just the right color siding for you.

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