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The 5 Best Pumpkin Carving Ideas for Your Curb Appeal

Posted by Audrey Lichten

Oct 27, 2015



Halloween is just around the corner, is your front porch welcoming trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood? Carving pumpkins is a great tradition to celebrate the harvest season as well as Halloween. While the traditional Jack-o-lantern is easy and fun to create, getting a little more creative with your pumpkin carving this year can give your front porch that curb appeal you want.




For a simple and more mature look on your pumpkin, choose a monogram design. Have each family member carve their initial in their pumpkin or just do one big pumpkin with your last initial.

How to: Print out the letter the size and font you want and tape the whole paper to your pumpkin. Use a large pin to outline the letter by pricking through the paper into the pumpkin, creating a dotted outline of the letter. Once fully outlined, remove the paper and finish carving with a knife by following the dotted outline.



Pumpkin bonfire

Create a fake bonfire in your yard with pumpkins. This will be a great eye-catching feature for your Halloween decorations.

How to: Carve flame shapes into 10 to 15 small pumpkins. Pile them on top of each other, arranging them so they stand upright and show their flames. Place and light tea lights inside each one to give your bonfire the flickering flame effect.



Drill holes

If you’re tired of maneuvering a knife through that big orange squash every year, pick a new tool, like a drill, to get creative with your design this year.

How to: After carving out the inside of the pumpkin, use a drill with different size bits to create the dotted design you want. (Note - this task is not suitable for children!)



Use gourds

Add some variety to your visual display by carving gourds in addition to or instead of pumpkins. Gourds come in different colors as well, so choose ones that will create more visual variation. Give yourself a challenge with carving unusual shapes and get creative with your design.

How to: Carve your chosen gourds the way you would a pumpkin - scoop out the insides, then let your creative juices flow with your design.




Instead of carving this year, choose to decorate your pumpkins. Avoid knives and other dangerous objects and get creative in a different way. Plus, uncarved pumpkins will last longer than a carved one on the porch.

How to: Paint your pumpkin with a decorative design. Add decorations to it, like a ribbon or bow. Or dress up your pumpkin for Halloween as a mummy or cartoon character.



Whether you’re decorating your whole house or just putting out a couple pumpkins on your porch, these pumpkin carving ideas will help you achieve a welcoming and festive atmosphere for the upcoming holiday. If your home needs more than some decorations to upgrade your curb appeal, consider an exterior siding replacement with Peninsula Siding Company. Contact us for more information.

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