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Before & After Photos of Remodeling a House's Siding

Posted by Rachel Karl

Oct 28, 2014


Siding is your home’s weather barrier against the elements. Siding, or wall cladding is the material applied to the exterior walls of the structure to shed water and protect the walls from the effects of weather. Siding is also key to the aesthetics of the structure.When you look at the before and after photos of remodeling a house’s siding, you’ll definitely appreciate the difference.

Replacing your siding can do two things, simultaneously. You can update and restore the aesthetics of your home and address any weather related weak points to ensure that your home is protected.

There are many siding options to choose from, and a well chosen professional can guide you to selecting the siding option that is most appropriate for your home’s architecture and condition. Selecting the right material is important. See the difference a well chosen siding can make.

Just look at the way this smooth panel siding emphasizes the streamlined architecture of this modern home.

exterior siding

Take a look at the before and after photos of siding below:

The first is the before photo of a traditional home with monochrome clapboard siding. To the right of it is the same home after Peninsula Siding Company took care of their remodel, emphasizing the key architectural details. The exterior's facelift instantly boosts the house's curb appeal.

before the house remodelafter the exterior siding remodel 

With this home you'll notice how the traditional shingle and clapboard siding complement the home’s traditional gable end style. The two story bay window niches are sided in shingles to emphasize the architectural detail and add more visual interest to the broad side of the home’s exterior, by breaking the field with another texture. The stone fascia really sets the lower level apart, tying the home’s foundation level into the site’s natural surroundings, giving the home a charming, settled in appearance, as though the land grew around the house. As landscaping matures, it will only enhance that aesthetic. This is an adaptation of a foundational design philosophy of the craftsman era.

after remodeling exterior siding

The architecture of this home could be emphasized further if the homeowner so chooses, by creating another break in the field of the gable end by adding a fascia board between the two stories, and painting the middle field another color, perhaps a lighter shade of the same color.

Below are two examples of how a fascia board can add interest by dividing a broad and too tall wall expanse. Dividing the stories is a good starting guideline when replacing your home's siding.

These are great examples of how siding can dramatically enhance the look of a home’s architecture by adding textural elements to give definition to the stories, deepening the architectural interest, and capturing our imaginations.

If your home is need of a bit of imagination, contact us to learn more about how siding can enhance and protect your home’s exterior.

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