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At Last Artisan Siding Comes in Color

Posted by Petalyn Swartalbert

Aug 23, 2012


James Hardie's Artisan SidingIt's true!

They really did it. In our June 6th 2012 post Oops! Artisan in ColorPlus? you found out that JH decided that the normal re-touching after cutting wasn't esthetically quite up to their standards. So they wanted to make sure everything was as perfect as it would be in that area before it became widely available here in the West coast.

Well, James Hardie overcame these finishing issues. Pre-painted Artisan will be officially available again this November.

BUT, if you just can't wait till then we may be able to pull some strings to get your Artisan exterior delivered and installed before then. Our personal Hardie contact, Josh, rolled his eyes protesting that it would take the approval of ten different department heads, but that he will do it if we asked him. He's great!

So, if Thanksgiving is at your house this year and you want drop-dead-gorgeous pre-painted Artisan on your home for the occasion, call us right away. Let's both put Josh to the test. We love him but we love taking him up on his promises even more.

We really do love hearing from you. Leave us a comment at the bottom of this post. We'll be so thrilled that we'll even answer. 

Steven and Petalyn Albert

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