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Artisan Siding Warranties As Enduring as Family

Posted by Petalyn Swartalbert

Mar 22, 2012


As Enduring as FamilyImagine a homeowner spending thousands of dollars beautifying their home with wood siding and trim pieces for windows and door that they spent weeks researching, and picking out paint colors. Now imagine it deteriorating within the space of just a few years from weather, even worse, from termites. Its normal for the paint to fade, crack or peel, after a few years of neglected. All that money and still your home needs more just to keep from deteriorating.

Fortunately for our sensible homeowner, the better the quality of the siding product, the better the performance and the warranty. Artisan Lap Siding, in addition to being top-quality, carries a 30 year full replacement guarantee on defective material. In other words, our homeowner and others that choose an Artisan home can avoid coming out of pocket for new siding for several decades. Artisan Trim and crown moldings carry 15 year warranties, also a significant amount of time to have peace of mind. That's great news. But even better is the fact that your Hardie fiber cement siding will likely out perform its warranty. Think about that. If you're in your thirties now, you still probably wont have to think about replacing your siding even in your sixties. Yeah! Grandparenthood!

What is covered in an Artisan siding warranty is any defect in materials and workmanship, with the company even offering to pay up to twice the retail price if they cannot repair or replace. They will not, however, cover labor or accessory costs. The warranty also does not cover things like earthquakes, hurricanes, mold, or abuse. Pretty common sense stuff! The warranty is also specific to location and elevation, so homeowners must pay attention to the details before installing.

The fulfillment process is quite simple: a homeowner that has an issue simply contacts the company within 30 days of noticing it. A full description should be provided with the claim, as well as photographs of the affected area. The manufacturer will then send over a representative to examine the home and take their own pictures and samples.

One unique feature of an Artisan warranty is it does not depreciate over time, meaning that if there is a problem in the siding in the 29th year, full replacement is guaranteed, unlike other warranties that step down over time to leave a homeowner high and dry. Finally — a company that means what it says when it promises satisfaction!

Of course, in order for warranty to be valid, the product must be installed properly — meaning compliance with Artisan’s Installation Requirements and all building codes — but choosing a reputable siding contractor like Peninsula Siding takes care of that.

If you are considering beautifying your home with cement fiber siding, avoid a fly-by-night installer that simply works to install as quickly as possible, and who in the process may completely void your siding warranty.

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