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Congratulations, Awesome Person!

Posted by Petalyn Swartalbert

Aug 7, 2013


You've made an important (and totally lovable) decision. 

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"Lots of people talk to animals.... Not very many listen, though.... That's the problem."
 ~Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh

Now that your home remodel project is complete, it's time to turn your attention to your garden. You may like to begin with a guide and a few helpful lists.

You know, it doesn't matter how amazing your house looks - now that its been all prettied up. If the garden isn't special too, then it's like eating your favorite birthday cake without your favorite icing!
And let's face it, after a remodel or residing project, your garden is probably in desperate need of some serious loving. 
So...Ok! Let's do this thing.

First, you'll need those lists ...which you could develop yourself with a lot of research. But I've done a bit of that for you already. You're welcome! Research can take time, and most of us end up just putting off our better intentions simply because time is scarce and research is just one more thing standing between the situation you currently have going on outside and the user-friendly garden you want. 
So, to make it easier to accomplish this wonderful decision of yours, I've made up a PDF guide to get you started.

Here's what's included for you. Placing myself in your shoes, obviously I'd want some useful information to work with; starting with an extensive list of what plants to avoid. But if all I have is a 'do not plant this...' list, I'll always question everything not on the list. 
"Well, is this other thing safe, or is it just not on this list?" 

Therefore, perhaps even more useful is to have a good list of 'safe' plants -so you can actually get a few things planted without fretting or doubts.

Furthermore, besides the plants themselves, you'll need to consider the fertilizers, mulches, and pesticides you have about the place...(just a heads-up about that). But one thing at a time, right?

The transition to a pet happy garden can be staged so that complete transformation and maintenance becomes manageable in terms of time and budget. 
Click the button below to download your guide to creating your very own pet happy garden. 

Creating a Pet Happy Garden

 Happy gardening!

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