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Our Headquarters
Our Headquarters

Peninsula Siding Company is a stand-alone siding division of the San Mateo custom remodeling firm, S.E.A. Construction Inc. We offer homeowners like you the most sought after siding instillations, products, and services.

S.E.A Construction expanded to Peninsula Siding Company to ensure that all of the exterior siding projects received full attention and the best care possible. The installation of James Hardie products is specialized and requires specific product knowledge and proper tools. Peninsula Siding Company brought S.E.A Construction’s precise remodel plans with proper siding expertise to create the highest satisfaction guaranteed siding company.

Fiber Cement Siding gives your home an instant facelift. A typical siding installation with Peninsula Siding Company takes a week, or less, depending on the size of the home. Peninsula Siding Company brings the custom service features from S.E.A Construction to all of our projects. Rather than simply applying new siding and calling it a day, Peninsula Siding Company ensures your home exterior project is the highest quality possible.

Does your exterior need more than just a siding update?

Peninsula Siding Company teams with our parent company S.E.A Construction for your complete remodel needs. From windows and decking to a complete interior remodel, our team can do it all. If you are already working with a designer or contractor, we love to collaborate.

While Peninsula Siding Company wants to make your exterior siding the best it can be, we need to keep your plants and yard in mind during the process. Peninsula Siding Company works with landscapers and recommended professionals to keep your plants and yards safe during a remodel.

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