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A New Year's Resolution for Your Home

Jan 8, 2018



By the end of January most people have already fallen behind or completely given up on their New Year’s Resolution. Make 2018 different and dive into a resolution to improve the quality of your home! Upgrading your homes exterior, landscape or front entryway improve curb appeal along with offering the biggest return on investment. Be confidence and commit to at least one of these home upgrades and watch as your love for your home boost along with its value.

Exterior Update

New siding and fresh paint on the trim is the most common exterior improvements. They offer a stunning 95% return on investment. If you are considering selling your home this is a great way to increase its value. Replace old wrought iron for fresh wood to create a more inviting feel. To give a more modern impression remove old awnings from above windows and doors. Finally, to spruce up your front entryway apply a new coat of paint along the trim. If your house was built before 1978 be sure to test for lead paint before sanding and scraping.


For starters - updating your landscape provides nearly a 100% return on investment. A charming walkway or fountain add major value to your home. Ensure that the front flower beds aren’t overwhelmed with greenery or replace dull, dead bushes with flowy flowers to create a clean but luxurious feel. New sod adds a crisp appearance and only costs about 35 cents on average per square foot(may vary depending on your location). If you’re not sure where to start contact a local plant nursery or chit-chat with neighbors to see what worked best for them.


If you live in the western portion of the United States, building a deck or patio offers nearly a 100% return rate. While it will initially cost more out of pocket it will attract more buyers, potentially making it quicker to sell your home. Decks provide more space to host family and friend get togethers and also provide more ambiance to the back yard. You can camouflage any flaws or viewable air conditioner units with mature plants or a trellis. Our biggest recommendation, whether you are updating your current deck or building a new one, is to ensure that you have secure railings and steps.

Make this the year when you follow through with your New Year’s Resolution. An update on any of these features will not only improve how your home looks but will also be a sound investment for the future.

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