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Five Ways to Keep your Neighbors Happy During an Exterior Remodel

Just a Quick News Update!

Any type of construction can disturb you and your neighbors. There are some renovations that are less disturbing than others, but from installing new siding to landscaping to a full remodel, there will be a certain amount of dust and noise. When that construction is done to your home, you have the opportunity to be the best neighbor ever by following these simple tips:12 Blog 3 Pic 1 resized 600

Tip #1: Warn your neighbors about the upcoming construction. This may not be feasible to do in person, but you can certainly pop a polite note on your neighbor’s mat, warning them of the construction. Try a note like this one:

“Dear Neighbor,                           

“Hi! I’m Jane Doe over on 123 Mockingbird Lane. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up that I’m going to have some siding work done on my home. The construction date is Jan 5th, 2015 and they estimate the work will take three days - from Monday, Jan 5th through Weds, Jan 8th. The company, Peninsula Siding, will work from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm each day.”

12 Blog 3 Pic 2 resized 600

“I’m sorry for the inconvenience!  Thanks so much being a great neighbor!”

Your simple and polite heads up will go a long way.

Tip #2: Try and set aside some space on the street for the construction company to park their vehicles. If you live on a cramped street, it may be a good idea to set aside a parking spot or two in advance that works for you and your neighbors. This can also help the company get the work set up and cleaned up more rapidly.

Tip #3: Be clear with the construction company about any restrictions specific to your street or neighbors. Any special requests about your neighborhood should be put in writing so the manager can go over everything with his or her workers before your project begins. 12 Blog 3 Pic 3 resized 600

Tip #4: Extend an olive branch to your neighbors at the end of the construction. This could be in the form of a “Thank you” note, a batch of cookies, or a house party. Let them know that you appreciate their patience with the project and be sure they know you will extend them the same courtesy.

Tip #5: Remember, in the end, there are some people who get upset no matter what we do to insure everyone’s comfort and convenience. You may have a neighbor who was ill and was disturbed during his recuperation or some such circumstance. There is rarely a perfect solution for every person, but notifying all in advance and taking as much care as you can to be as mindful as possible will go a long way in keeping your neighbors happy.

At Peninsula Siding Company, we work hard to make sure each and every customer is perfectly happy with the quality of work done, our timeliness, and with those employees who do the installation. Contact us today to see how you can improve the looks of your home and your neighborhood with siding. 

We really do love hearing from you. Leave us a comment at the bottom of this post. We'll be so thrilled that we'll even answer. 

Steven and Petalyn Albert

S.E.A. & Peninsula Siding

How to Make the Right Siding Choice for your Home

Just a Quick News Update!

Adding or replacing siding can change the entire look of your home. The right siding can12 Blog 2 Pic 1 resized 600 increase curb appeal, brighten the look of your house, and make your home feel welcoming. The overall look of your home rests on choosing the right siding style, color, and company for the job. Here is our “How to” on each of these aspects:


There are several different siding materials available. Here are the most important aspects to consider when you are choosing the type of material for your siding project:

Durability. Different siding types have varying abilities to handle rain, hail, wind, and debris. This is an important aspect to establish right off the bat. You don’t want your siding to become damaged or scratched as soon as it is installed.

Energy efficiency. Some siding types have different thicknesses and require specific types of insulation to prevent heat-loss. It’s important to understand that siding, once installed, will become an integral part of your home’s envelope. You want siding that will allow your home to breath sufficiency, without great heat-loss.

Overall aesthetics. Clearly, you want a siding style and color which will work with the overall look you are going for. This may mean you need brick siding, wood, stucco, or fiber cement.

12 Blog 2 Pic 1 1 resized 600

Water resistance. Siding with greater water resistance tends to have a longer lifespan than other types of siding.

You can always find the right siding for your home - the process may just require a professional eye. So, don’t be afraid to ask for some help during the material’s choice process!


You have an overall look and style you are going for when it comes to your home. After type of siding, color is the next important choice to make. You have all the colors of the rainbow to choose from, so this process can feel a little daunting. Here are questions to ask yourself while you’re trying to pick the perfect siding hue:

What overall look are you going for?

You want your home to have a cohesive and beautiful look. So, your first step in choosing siding material and color is to think about what look you are going for. Are you eclectic, classic, or modern?

Picking the color and style of siding is much like picking clothes for yourself. Are you attempting to choose an outfit that says “check out this outfit” or do you want something that says “look at my amazing natural features?” This is the same thought process which will often go into choosing siding color. Do you want the color to be the first thing people notice, or the architectural style of your home?

12 Blog 2 Pic 2 resized 600

What is your neighborhood like?

We have all sorts of neighborhoods here in the Bay Area. There are eclectic spaces and places which are extremely conservative. What type of neighborhood do you live in? Can you create a look which is aesthetically pleasing and flows with the whole block?

How is your landscaping set up?

A simple landscape may be nicely accented by fun home colors. However, if your yard is a chaos of colors, you may want a more subdued siding look. Play with different color combinations until you find something that is perfect for you.

Here are three additional tips when it comes to the color and type of siding:

Tip 1. Don’t go with something just because it’s trendy. What looks good on Pinterest may look terrible on your home.

Tip 2. Check how the colors look during different times of day. A shade of green may look amazing at dawn - but it could look stark and sickly at noon.

Tip 3. Take a look at colors in the sunshine - outdoors.

The Right Company for the Job:

There are a few steps to take when looking for the best siding company for your needs. They are:12 Blog 2 Pic 3 resized 600

  1. Get a company who specializes in siding. They will know the ins and outs of siding installation, so you will get the job done right the first time.
  2. Check reviews online, on the company website, and ask for referrals from the company. Not all online review companies are reliable, but actual customers will be able to give you an idea of what to expect from the company.
  3. Get a quote for the work needed and find out what options the company provides. The more willing the siding company is to work with you and within your needs, the better a match they will be for you.


    Remember the cheapest company does not often equal the best company. You should have options when it comes to materials, work dates, and more.

    You can get a free estimate from Peninsula Siding Company right here. We’d love to hear about your vision!

    We really do love hearing from you. Leave us a comment at the bottom of this post. We'll be so thrilled that we'll even answer. 

    Steven and Petalyn Albert

    S.E.A. & Peninsula Siding

    Make your Home a Winter Wonderland for the Holidays

    Just a Quick News Update!

    No matter what holiday you celebrate, it’s always fun to decorate your home during the
    winter season. While we’d love to be able to offer a siding that changes color on a whim - blue and silver during Hanukkah and red and green on Christmas - that hasn’t been invented yet. Instead, we’re here to give you some fun ideas for your outdoor wintertime home decoration.

    Brighten Natural AssetsBrighten up

    String lights are the traditional holiday decoration. You can get them in pretty much any color, length and style. Instead of stringing them all over your house only, light up the natural assets surrounding your home. Wrap outdoor string lights around trees, grape vines, your hedges, and any other beautiful space you’d like to highlight.

    Another outdoor lighting idea is to get glowing holiday orbs and scatter them around the yard, hiding them under bushes and benches, brightening up a bird bath, or creating a glowing snowman.

    BYO Snow

    You can, of course, go all out with a snow machine. But, many of us have neither the resources nor the inclination to create the powdery stuff. Instead, you can create a snowman by decorating a white faux tree or gluing glowing outdoor orbs together and decorating them. You can also get an overlarge jar, paint a cute face on it and fill it with white string lights.It doesn’t snow here in San Mateo. We at Peninsula Siding know this. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t make our own snowmen and snow.

    There are a number of different kinds of outdoor fake snow that can be purchased. You can also go traditional and use mashed potato flakes or soap flakes.

    Even though it’s the Bay Area, we say “Let it snow!”

    Lead the Way

    Not only is a bright walkway seasonal, it’s also safe for your holiday guests. There are a number of ways to brighten the path to your home.You can:

    12 Blog1 Pic3 resized 600
    • Set up battery operated outdoor pillar candles at the corners of steps to make the way nice and bright.
    • Line the path with small vases holding votive candles and filled with cranberries or beads. 
    • Use glowing orbs to light the way along your front walk.
    • Decorate hedges lining your walkway with net lights.
    Even if you are considering brightening your walk just for the holiday season, remember that it’s a good idea to ensure your walkway is well-lit all year round.

    Stun them with your Entrance

    The front door and patio area are always the easiest to decorate with seasonal notes. Wreaths, oversized candy canes, and battery powered candles can turn your front door and porch into a winter wonderland.

    You can celebrate the season with natural decorations like pine boughs, poinsettias, and pinecones. On top of these you can add faux snow, wire stars, or bright ribbons. There are generally many wonderful decorations to choose from when it comes to brightening up the entrance to your home.

    12 Blog1 Pic4 resized 600

    Have Fun with it

    One of the wonderful things about living in California is that we can often have indoor/outdoor celebrations all year round. Have fun with all your decorations by hosting a holiday barbecue early in the season.  Enjoy your outdoor space before it gets too wet or chilly to do much outdoors.

    This is the time of year for family, friends, and looking to the future. If you or someone you know is planning to update their home, be sure to contact us or forward this article along. We are happy to help!

    We really do love hearing from you. Leave us a comment at the bottom of this post. We'll be so thrilled that we'll even answer. 

    Steven and Petalyn Albert

    S.E.A. & Peninsula Siding

    Design Your Dream Home Virtually

    Just a Quick News Update!

    Do you have a vision in mind to update your home but don’t know where to start? Have no idea where to begin and need some design inspiration? Dream, design and scheme with this handy tool. Play with colors and siding profiles to create a custom look to give your home a fresh siding update. James Hardie has a helpful quide to let you design your dream home virtually!

    Nov Blog 4  Pic 1 resized 600

    Step One: Choose a home that resembles yours or the look you are going after.

    Step Two:  Choose a siding profile. Play with different profiles to see what you really like. Try Hardie Shingle siding instead of Hardie Plank siding. Discover which profiles best suit the overall architecture of the home you’re interested in.

    Step Three: Choose a siding color. James Hardie Siding comes finished in a number of beautiful colors that are up to date with current trends, and is completely paintable, so you have no limit to your color choices. Play to your heart’s content.

    Step Four: Choose a trim color to complement the tone of the siding color you’ve selected.

    Step Five: Choose your accents. Faux stone trim, or a door color that really pops. Experiment with different looks and discover what speaks to you.

    This handy tool gives you plenty of opportunity for trial and error, so there are no real mistakes. As you play with this tool, you will see first hand what works and what doesn’t so that there is no guess work when you are ready to buy. You will already know which color combinations and siding profiles you love.

    Once you’ve decided on the Hardie Siding treatment you would like your home to have, contact us. We’ll make your vision into a dream home reality.

    We really do love hearing from you. Leave us a comment at the bottom of this post. We'll be so thrilled that we'll even answer. 

    Steven and Petalyn Albert

    S.E.A. & Peninsula Siding

    How to Make a Modest Home Look Larger With New Siding

    Just a Quick News Update!

    When most people think of ideas to make their small home look more spacious, they think of indoor solutions. They think of innovative floor plans, and deceiving but smart furniture that can store just about anything. The outside of small homes, however, often get neglected and don’t quite showcase their owner’s space-saving smarts. Here are some siding ideas that can make your small home appear considerably larger that we found on the Better Homes and Gardens website.

    Consider playing up your home’s existing features. Instead of using mixed materials, which is what you do to add dimension to a broad wall, unify the materials and match the paint or stain colors. When a home’s exterior is mostly wood on the outside, why not make the garage door wooden too? Changing out the white garage door for a wooden carriage house styled garage door, stained to match the shingle siding, minimised the interruption in home’s front expanse, making it appear broader. Deepen the home by adding a welcoming front porch or portico, creating a substantial and more impactful front entry as this homeowner did, allowing the front steps take center stage with porch columns, leading to a red door flanked by sidelights.

    Before and after:

    Nov Blog 3- Pic 2.jpgNov Blog 3- Pic 1.jpg

    Try keeping it simple. If your home has many different textures on the outside, pick a key theme and stick to it. Then add some landscaping to match the theme. For example, with the home below the owners choose a light. stone colored stucco siding and used it for the whole house. To stick with the provincial French country cottage theme, they added French doors and coordinated the landscape to fit.

    Before and after:

    Nov Blog 3- Pic 3.jpgNov Blog 3- Pic 4.jpg

    Brighten up.  Dark colors can often make a space look smaller on the inside. The same is true for the outside of a house. Try using lighter colored siding for your home's exterior. In the house below, they not only used lighter siding, but also removed the deep covered porch and awnings that shrunk the windows, to open up the house. New steps were centered on the entryway, which has been emphasized by a tasteful balcony. A lean-to on the left has been elevated to accommodate double-hung windows and a substantial balcony to continue that line on the broad side of house, giving the home a bright, open face.

    Before and after:

    Nov Blog 3- Pic 5.jpgNov Blog 3- Pic 6.jpg

    If you’ve been inspired by the design tips above and want to give your modest home a grander appearance, we at Peninsula Siding Company along with our partner company S.E.A. Construction can help you bring your grand scale yearnings to life. Contact us today and we’ll discuss your project.

    We really do love hearing from you. Leave us a comment at the bottom of this post. We'll be so thrilled that we'll even answer. 

    Steven and Petalyn Albert

    S.E.A. & Peninsula Siding

    Siding Color Trend to Enhance Your Curb Appeal - Think Pink?

    Just a Quick News Update!

    When it comes to choosing a color for your fiber board cement siding most people go for a versatile, but plain color scheme. Usually cream or white with darker accents. This season however, a more daring trend has sprouted. More and more homeowners are thinking pink! Now, the bubblegum color that came up as soon as you read the word pink is definitely out of the question. There are, however, more mature shades of this hue that can enhance your curb appeal.  

    Coral Accents

    Nov Blog 2  Pic 1 resized 600

    There is a trendy but mature color option for those of you that

     would like to stick with the cream/gray that goes with just about anything. Consider using coral accents on your shutters, or even just your door. It can warm up the overall image of the house during the cold months, and brighten things up in the summer. It also goes perfectly with any kind of gray.
    (Photo credit:

    Dark Maroon Accents

    Nov Blog 2  Pic 2 resized 600

    Another of the less considered siding accent colors is dark maroon, though it shouldn’t be.

    It is less risky than the coral and is just as versatile and inviting. It is a stand out, that has the power to remind one of getting cozy by the fire when you’re in need of some warmth. It’s just as comfortable as a siding accent color on rustic barn houses as it is on traditional and modern architectural styles, so consider wine shades, like dark maroon, as they go well with almost any neutral color.
    (Photo credit: 

    All-Out RedNov Blog 2  Pic 3 resized 600

    Create a new twist on an old classic. Going all-out red is a great way to stand out this season. Barn House Red is a classic among the different shades to choose from. It can add the right amount of warmth, hospitality and nostalgic charm to any modern style or classic home.
    (Photo credit:


    Nov Blog 2  Pic 4 resized 600

    A more exotic shade of this color can really spice up your home. Terracotta is a color that can be accented with any neutral shade and still maintain its exciting look. Try this color out if you’re looking to enhance your curb appeal and venture toward something new.
    (Photo credit:

    If you want to mix it up even more you can try mixing the exotic colors with maroon accents like we did here:  

    Nov Blog 2  Pic 5 resized 600

    If you are ready to update your home with any of these siding color trends, or have your own vision, we would love to help you with that process. We take great pride in our craft, and it is a joy to create beautiful results that will reward you for years to come.

    Contact us at Peninsula Siding Company. Let us get started and bring your vision to life!

    We really do love hearing from you. Leave us a comment at the bottom of this post. We'll be so thrilled that we'll even answer. 

    Steven and Petalyn Albert

    S.E.A. & Peninsula Siding

    Warming Up For Fall with Brick Siding

    Just a Quick News Update!

    When choosing a new look for your home, brick may not be the first look that pops into your head. Now that the fall and winter seasons are approaching, however, brick siding may deserve a second look. When you think of fall, you may think of things like the leaves crunching underfoot, a nip in the air, and the warm swirling colors all around. Wouldn’t you love those things behind a beautiful smokey brick backdrop? There are many different kinds of brick siding to choose from. Here are some ideas that can create the curb appeal you are looking for this season for your home that we found on the Better Homes and Gardens website:

    1. Paint It
      Painting brick siding is totally doable and can change the character of the exterior of your home remarkably. Look for latex and portland cement based paints, as they work best on brick.

    Nov Blog 1  Pic 1 resized 600

    1. Energy efficient
      Brick siding has certain thermal mass qualities that are great for the colder seasons. This means that while the weather transitions into fall, the heat of the day gets stored by the bricks and slowly releases at night into the interior of your home. When winter is at its peak, brick also keeps the heat inside.

    Nov Blog 1  Pic 2 resized 600

    1. The Modern Look
      Usually brick is considered to look old, worn, or classic. It can, however, suit modern homes very well. Perhaps try more unusual hues and use the brick as an accent siding. It can perfectly compliment your modern home. Brick is surprisingly versatile.

    Nov Blog 1  Pic 3 resized 600

    1. The Natural Look
      Without changing it up too much, you can also create a very natural look with the brick. Brick already varies in color, but adding natural coatings like limestone and sand can add even more variety. This is a good idea if you are attracted to The Secret Garden look.

    Nov Blog 1  Pic 4 resized 600

    1. Mix It Up
      Combining brick with other types of siding can create a unique look for your home that instantly boost your house’s curb appeal. You can experiment with a brick walkway and different textures for the rest or switch it around! Try it out and just have fun with it.

    Nov Blog 1  Pic 5 resized 600

    For a more subtle look, try what we did with the house below. Adding brick or stone siding to the bottom half of your home can add more dimension.

    Nov Blog 1  Pic 6 resized 600

    Brick siding has more benefits than its versatile appearance. It is also surprisingly durable. It will last as long as the building is standing with no more that the occasional spray of the hose.

    If this trend appeals to you let us know! Peninsula Siding can help make these brick dream homes a reality. Give us a call or fill out an online form to get started!

    We really do love hearing from you. Leave us a comment at the bottom of this post. We'll be so thrilled that we'll even answer. 

    Steven and Petalyn Albert

    S.E.A. & Peninsula Siding

    Before & After Photos of Remodeling a House's Siding

    Just a Quick News Update!

    Siding is your home’s weather barrier against the elements. Siding, or wall cladding is the material applied to the exterior walls of the structure to shed water and protect the walls from the effects of weather. Siding is also key to the aesthetics of the structure.When you look at the before and after photos of remodeling a house’s siding, you’ll definitely appreciate the difference.

    Replacing your siding can do two things, simultaneously. You can update and restore the aesthetics of your home and address any weather related weak points to ensure that your home is protected.

    There are many siding options to choose from, and a well chosen professional can guide you to selecting the siding option that is most appropriate for your home’s architecture and condition. Selecting the right material is important. See the difference a well chosen siding can make.

    Just look at the way this smooth panel siding emphasizes the streamlined architecture of this modern home.

    exterior siding

    Take a look at the before and after photos of siding below:

    The first is the before photo of a traditional home with monochrome clapboard siding. To the right of it is the same home after Peninsula Siding Company took care of their remodel, emphasizing the key architectural details. The exterior's facelift instantly boosts the house's curb appeal.

    before the house remodelafter the exterior siding remodel 

    With this home you'll notice how the traditional shingle and clapboard siding complement the home’s traditional gable end style. The two story bay window niches are sided in shingles to emphasize the architectural detail and add more visual interest to the broad side of the home’s exterior, by breaking the field with another texture. The stone fascia really sets the lower level apart, tying the home’s foundation level into the site’s natural surroundings, giving the home a charming, settled in appearance, as though the land grew around the house. As landscaping matures, it will only enhance that aesthetic. This is an adaptation of a foundational design philosophy of the craftsman era.

    after remodeling exterior siding

    The architecture of this home could be emphasized further if the homeowner so chooses, by creating another break in the field of the gable end by adding a fascia board between the two stories, and painting the middle field another color, perhaps a lighter shade of the same color.

    Below are two examples of how a fascia board can add interest by dividing a broad and too tall wall expanse. Dividing the stories is a good starting guideline when replacing your home's siding.

    These are great examples of how siding can dramatically enhance the look of a home’s architecture by adding textural elements to give definition to the stories, deepening the architectural interest, and capturing our imaginations.

    If your home is need of a bit of imagination, contact us to learn more about how siding can enhance and protect your home’s exterior.

    We really do love hearing from you. Leave us a comment at the bottom of this post. We'll be so thrilled that we'll even answer. 

    Steven and Petalyn Albert

    S.E.A. & Peninsula Siding

    The Advantages of Fiber Cement Siding

    Just a Quick News Update!

    Fiber Cement Board Siding is a heavy, durable product that is 90% sand and cement, making it fire resistant, and virtually all-weather proof. James Hardie is the world leader in Fiber Cement Board Siding. The 5/16” thick material mimics the look of either stucco, or wood siding materials. There are countless advantages to fiber cement siding over stucco or wood alternatives. The HardieShingle product is nearly indistinguishable from cedar shingles or shake siding, except that it is free of imperfections and impervious to all the problems that plague natural wood. HardiePlank Siding comes in smooth or “rough sawn” board textures (like Cedarmill) while the Sierra has a deeply grained wood texture.

    Oct Blog 3  Pic 1 resized 600

    Unlike wood, fiber cement board doesn’t split, crack, rot, warp, or swell. It doesn’t expand and contract with fluctuations in temperature and moisture, so it stays in place, providing the ultimate protection for your home, and remains as beautiful as the day it was installed for decades. It can be painted, and because it is virtually a static product, paint lasts longer on this material than any other, and it comes with a 30 year, non pro-rated transferable limited warranty.

    So since fiber cement board siding is the longest-lasting, toughest-wearing material, even against salty sea spray, rain, hail, snow, and hot dry weather, what are the disadvantages?

    describe the image

    You might say cost. At around $12 to $20 per square foot, installed, you will pay about 40% more than you would for vinyl siding, but fiber cement board siding is a far superior product. It won’t date itself the way that vinyl siding has. It actually resembles natural wood, so it’s appeal is timeless, and you will only have to buy it once.

    Fiber cement board siding is heavy. It’s made of  90% CEMENT and SAND, so it’s going to weigh a lot more than vinyl siding, therefore, installation is going to be more labor intensive for the installer. Fortunately, we at Peninsula Siding Company are James Hardie Preferred Remodelers, and are certified to handle the job. You benefit from our preferred status with James Hardie.

    Plus, Full Service means that no matter what siding material you desire, we can take care of all the details and added items you need, whether you are interested in windows, decks, additions, you name it. We're also BPI certified too, so helping your home get energy-fit (saving you money on your monthly bills) is our specialty if that's the direction you want to take your home.


    All of this matters to you, because unlike the big siding and window replacement companies, we never stop caring even once the job is done. Contact us today to talk about your siding project.

    We really do love hearing from you. Leave us a comment at the bottom of this post. We'll be so thrilled that we'll even answer. 

    Steven and Petalyn Albert

    S.E.A. & Peninsula Siding

    How To Know When Your Home’s Exterior Needs A Remodel

    Just a Quick News Update!

    Your home’s siding is its defense against weather and other damage. You want to keep that protective exterior in top condition, to prevent damage to your home’s structure. But how do you know when your home’s exterior needs a remodel? There are some obvious symptoms for when your siding fails.

      1. Is your siding showing signs of fungus or rot? A combination of factors –warmth, moisture, darkness –help the fungi thrive, multiply, and cause dry rot. Dry rot is a condition of wood in which a fungus breaks down the wood fibers and renders the wood weak and brittle. Excess moisture is the root cause of dry rot. Poorly painted or improperly sealed wood siding is more vulnerable to dry rot. Unchecked, this seriously threatens the integrity of your siding and structural support of your home.
      2. Is your siding obviously separating at the seams?

      3. Is your caulking failing? Have you noticed leaks?

      4. Are your panels swelling? Typically, this means the material has been exposed to moisture and has begun deteriorating.

      5. Have you detected that boards are no longer laying flat against your house? Bowing or buckling is an indication of instability caused generally by improper installation spacing. If the installer does not leave sufficient room for expansion at the butt joints, then the siding will generally buckle.

      6. Have you noticed much moisture on the inside of your house? Excess moisture inside the home often originates outside the structure.

      7. Is your paint failing?

    It’s important to pay attention to these signs so you know when your home’s exterior needs a remodel. If it has seen better days, it may be time to seek a professional about new siding to protect your home. They can provide an aesthetic facade that complements the architectural styling of your neighborhood, while staying true to the details of your home’s original architecture.

    Enter Fiber-Cement Siding by James Hardie. Fiber Board siding offers the longest lasting protection and beauty in siding materials today. It is the easiest to maintain and has the most style choices in textures, finishes, and decorative trim of any composite siding product. 

    Engineered for Climate®

    • Developed with the local climate in mind

    • Protection from scorching sun and frigid temperatures

    • Stands up to storms, hail, wind & extreme temperatures

    Fiber Cement Siding

    • Made of natural and sustainable raw materials

    • James Hardie is the global leader in fiber cement innovation

    • 30-year non-prorated, limited warranty

    Quality & Durability

    • Fire resistant

    • With ColorPlus Technology, get vibrant color & long-lasting exterior beauty

    • Resists mold, swelling and cracking from water

    Fiber-cement siding is a popular choice for replacement siding. Although its initial price is higher than many other types of siding (it’s heavy and labor-intensive to install), the durability and stability of fiber-cement means less maintenance in the long run. It takes paint well, so you can have your choice of exterior paint colors. It’s also fireproof and rot-resistant.

    James Hardie is the world leader in Fiber Cement Siding Products. James Hardie products come with a 30 year warranty, and that is why we at Peninsula Siding Company trust their siding materials. Besides product warranties, we stand by you and your home for as long as you need us. That's our way.

    For expert exterior siding installations look no further than Peninsula Siding Company. Contact us today for an estimate.

    We really do love hearing from you. Leave us a comment at the bottom of this post. We'll be so thrilled that we'll even answer. 

    Steven and Petalyn Albert

    S.E.A. & Peninsula Siding

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