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5 Ways to Dramatically Increase Your Homes Curb Appeal

Aug 14, 2017



What’s on the inside is always more important, except for when it comes to your homes curb appeal. Then it's all about what's on the outside. A drab, run down exterior isn’t what your home's first impressions should be. Inspire your guests with eye pleasing designs full of color and style!

Bold New Paint

Paint allows you to change your house’s entire look or lets you just make one section pop! Use bold colors on your door or trim to really draw attention from neighbors and those passing by. Who knows, maybe you will inspire them to revamp their home too!

The Power of Shutters

You dream of your home having large windows, but don’t want to go through the hassle of renovating. Adding shutters to windows will accomplish this without creating more work for you! They extend the look of your windows and will also add color to your home. Matching the color to your front door to complete the look.

Maintain Flower Beds

This one takes a little bit more time and dedication. Throwing mulch in the flower beds creates a fresh, clean look. Then, choose some annual flowers like pansies, black-eyed Susan and petunias for a pop of color. Annuals are the best choice because they grow quickly, are relatively inexpensive and bloom longer. A healthy, flower filled yard will draw everyone's attention, making your home stand out from your neighbors.

Replace Exterior Siding and Fixtures

Cracked or warped siding should be replaced before the stormy weather returns. New siding can transform your run down home into something you thought you could only see in magazines. Having lighting as ambiance will brighten all the best aspects of your home. Use lights to highlight trees, fountains or your front entrance to create an inviting atmosphere.

The Little Details Matter

Paying attention and maintaining little things, such as your mailbox, can make a huge difference on how people perceive your home. Ensuring that your mailbox matches your style and basic color theme of the house will give the appearance of your home being more complete and put together. Decor should compliment your home, not take away from it.


Next time are you walking up your driveway and feel like your house is missing that extra oomf, go back and think over these 5 ideas! All of them can be completed without any hassle and won’t burn a hole in your wallet. Focus on the minor details to complete your homes curb side appearance!

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