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5 Crucial Factors For Planning Your Home Exterior Remodel

May 22, 2017



Updating your home’s exterior shouldn’t be something you jump into blindly. Having a plan for what you want to accomplish will help you create a cohesive look and save you money. So when you start planning your exterior remodel, consider the following home design features to figure out your desired outcome for the project before you start making updates.


First, you need to decide what the scope of your exterior remodel will be. What’s your budget? What’s going to be realistic to do? Are you looking to really invest in your home and make significant changes? Or do you want to just do a few easy updates? Or maybe what you actually want is just a good spring cleaning. Whatever you decide, evaluate the following areas of your home’s exterior, and consider what’s going to benefit you and your curb appeal most.


Your Yard

Many architects and designers will claim that your landscape makes the biggest difference in your home’s exterior appeal. If your yard craves some good ol’ TLC, consider different designs and features that will complement your home. Here in California, we often have to deal with drought, so maybe what you need is a drought-friendly landscape that you won’t have to worry about if we hit another dry spell. Or plan on landscaping with California native plants to help your growing yard thrive in its environment. But don’t forget about hardscaping! Incorporating non-living elements like stones, pavement, fences, fountains or lighting will pair well with your living landscape and create a beautiful contrast to your home’s exterior design.


Your Siding

Now of course we’re going to mention taking a look at your siding. (That’s kind of our thing!) Does it show obvious signs of distress? If so, you should definitely plan a siding update. This will involve finding a qualified siding contractor and choosing your new siding to give your home the best exterior remodel. But if your siding looks healthy, maybe you just need a fresh paint job or a new color! Be sure to consider the style of your home, your neighborhood, and the curb appeal effects of your paint color before buying a bunch of unsightly neon orange paint.


Your Architecture

Finally, consider the exterior structure of your home. Do you have a porch or veranda? Or is it pretty plain and flat? If you’re ready for a bigger exterior remodel, consider updating the architecture on the front of your home to spice it up. Even adding window shutters, trim, gutters and new windows will make your curb appeal pop.


Your Home’s Age

Depending on the age of your house, some updates may prove challenging. So plan your exterior remodel according to the needs and physical capacity of your home. Older houses can often present unexpected hurdles. If you suspect your home may need extra attention, consult a professional to get an overall inspection of your house or provide a specific evaluation of the areas you’re planning to upgrade.

After considering all of these factors, you should now be able to put together a solid plan for your exterior remodel. If you’re thinking that a siding upgrade sounds pretty appealing, give us a call for a free evaluation and quote today!

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