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4 Tips for Adding Masonry to Your Home’s Exterior

Apr 24, 2017


So, you’ve found the perfect siding and paint color for your home. Things are looking great, but you feel something is missing. Could it be that it needs a little stone or brick? If so, here are some ways to ensure your home looks its best:

  1. Match your masonry. Your siding, trim, and door may all have differing colors and hues, but homes generally have a color theme. Bare this in mind when choosing your stone or brick color, especially if you plan to implement masonry long after the initial construction or siding installation is complete. If it’s time to repaint, repair, or even replace your siding, look at some of the masonry options before you choose a color. That may prompt new ideas or steer you away from a color scheme that doesn’t match.
  2. Stick with one type of stone or brick. Though some masons and architects can integrate different types of masonry, most cannot, leaving the finished product in a disjointed and, frankly, ugly state. Try to stick to just one if you can. If you love a stone or brick that doesn’t work on the outside of your home, have a mason incorporate it inside the home on a fireplace or accent wall.
  3. Don’t forget the roof! The color of your roof is crucial to the overall look of your home. If the roof color doesn’t complement the colors used in the masonry, siding, trim, and door, it ruins the whole look. A black roof can look great on some homesbut be a disaster on others.
  4. Accents are key. The appearance of your home’s exterior relies on many moving pieces, including accents like shutters, plants, planters, walkways, etc. Greenery is a great way to enliven a front yard, and most plants complement stone and brick. If you’re not sure how certain landscaping will coordinate with a stone or brick you’ve chosen, take a piece with you to the nursery.

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