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4 Reasons Not to Put off Re-siding Your Home

Posted by Petalyn Swartalbert

Oct 26, 2011


1. Set Date 2. Research 3. Install

first set the date to reside your home so you don't put it offMost people do their research first then set an exact date. Instead, use the Common Sense Contrarian approach. Set a date first, then do your research and hiring to meet that date. Impossible? Steve Jobs didn't think so when tasking his people with a production date. While Jobs may have achieved the impossible as if by iWormhole technology, when it comes to residing your home, the idea is to schedule a sufficient margin of time to allow for making good choices in product and installer WHILE keeping to a timetable wont put off repairs for long enough to incur damage beyond simple replacement. The damage sustained by procrastinating an installation isn't worth the added expense and headache of finding out you actually have a bigger job on your hands than you had realized when you began. So if you are leaning toward taking care of repairs sooner rather than later, consider these preventative benefits:

  1. You will significantly reduce overall cost for upkeep and maintenance over your residence in your home.

  2.  You will remarkably stop damage to siding that does NOT need repair yet.

  3. You will protect your wallet by eliminating the added cost of deferred maintenance. 

  4. Replacing the moisture barrier is the first step in haulting nasty mold and the heart ache of dry rot.

Home siding installations (fiber cement in particular) is documented by Remodel Magazine 2010-2011 as having an 85.6% return on investment for mid to upscale Peninsula neighborhoods. The low cost of maintenance and endurance not withstanding, one can't help but get excited about the look of new siding. Repainting is nice, but it often doesn't have that crisp, freshness that residing provides. For example, James Hardie's ColorPlusproduct successfully combines the tenacity of fiber-cement with a selection of 'baked in' color choices. Not does a homeowner not need to fuss with their home siding for another 30 to 50 years, but repainting need not be a bother for at least 15 years. In terms of home improvment projects, it becomes increasingly clear why siding installations by skilled installer measure extremely high for consumer satisfaction.


Amplify Your Choices

You've Got a Choice

Don't sabotage your choices by having to deal with extensive dry rot only because you waited too long to repair the cracked 'skin' of your home?

If you are of the mind while residing, it is far more rewarding to have the wiggle room in your budget to invest in new windows of a style you love rather than frugally settling for a product you can scarcely afford, and that detracts from the overall aesthetic quality of your home. Windows are an important detail that scream one of two things: Quality or economy! Take heart in knowing that the best window and door choices are most often not the most expensive and clearly say Quality! whenever you look at them. So amplify your options by curbing your procrastination.

You can eat up your budget in repairs as a result of putting off your residing installation or you can invest it in better upgrade while you're at it. It's up to you. Often homeowners who wait too long aren't prepared financially to replace their windows as well and so find themselves settling for the least expensive replacements rather than acquiring the windows they prefer. Unfortunately, once windows are replaced, they typically remain in place of decades. So it is preferable, if one is going to replace windows and doors to do it because you want to and not wait until you have to.


"Hello Gorgeous! I'm Home."

Peewee herman would like this

New siding makes people happy. It's true! They love coming home to a gorgeous looking home at the end of a long day. One point of pleasure most sited is the immediate, highly visual impact new exterior siding makes to both the property and the neighborhood. The increased curb appeal and pride of ownership experienced by homeowners and neighbors dramatically increases.

When considering the benefits of residing or repairing your home in a timely manner, it is wise to reflect on the long term pleasures you'll derive from a pristine, low-maintenance home,not to mention the personal gratification of knowing you mitigated extra costs due to unattended, hidden issues before you were forced you to make long-term choices you'll later regret .

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